Commit Alert on CVS

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Fri May 11 20:28:19 UTC 2007


I just finished up a test sweep on sis to address
issues from a series of changes I had made
over the past week.  All tests pass now on sis and
have been spot checked on psim but you should be
aware of the following changes in CVS.  These WILL
be in the 4.8 release series.

+ optional manager support now really reduces the
  size of your executable

+ Region manager is optional now that the malloc
  implementation does not use it.

+ Extension manager is optional now that the newlib
  extension is installed via confdefs.h as a static
  initialization time extension.

+ Semaphore manager is now optional.  Any application
  using termios or libio needs it so be warned.  I changed
  most of the test Makefiles to account for this.

+ Stack checker API cleaned up and documented in User's Guide.

+ CPU Usage API cleaned and documented in User's Guide.

Not part of this set of commits but something to be
aware of, RTEMS now supports nanosecond granularity on
time of day.  If the BSP Clock Driver provides a
nanoseconds since last tick handler, any call that
asks for TOD will be at nanosecond rather than tick
granularity.  At this point, only the erc32/sis BSP
and the mpc6xx clock driver support this.  [Can someone
check the mpc6xx on real hardware?  I did it on a
simulator and don't completely trust it.]

For those tracking things, sis's minimum is now almost
40% smaller than it was for 4.6.6.  hello is showing about
15%.  This does have an impact on larger applications.
psx01 dropped from 144.5K to 116.9K.

BIG WARNING: If you have unsubmitted work that you would
like to be considered for inclusion in 4.8, you need to
speak up. 


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