RTEMS 4.8 Release Branch Cut

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at oarcorp.com
Mon Sep 24 22:41:34 UTC 2007


The CVS branch for the RTEMS 4.8 release series has been cut.
At this point, 4.8 should be considered feature frozen and
the focus on bug fixes.

The CVS branch name is: rtems-4-8-branch

At this point, the to page of the http://www.rtems.org as well
as a number of Wiki pages have been updated to reflect this
activity.  In addition, the CVS head has had the version number
changed to reflect its pre-4.9 status.

The primary focus for 4.8 over the next few weeks needs to
be testing and addressing details for the tool binaries
associated with this branch.  The Steering Committee will
has to make a decision on which GNU/Linux distributions RPMS
for 4.8 tools will be provided for.  In addition, testing
of the packaging for MS-Windows hosted tools continues.

Thanks to everyone who helped get us to 4.8 so quickly.
I am looking forward to 4.9 now. :-D

--joel sherrill

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