API Additions on CVS Head

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Tue Jan 29 23:16:58 UTC 2008


I have committed a fairly large addition to the CVS head.  It adds a
number of new object id/name helper services and formally
offers a number of routines which have existed but never been
documented before.

Here is the summary from the Wiki:

    * Added rtems_build_name() - build object name from characters
    * Added rtems_object_get_classic_name() - lookup name from id
    * Added rtems_object_get_name() - obtain object name as string
    * Added rtems_object_set_name() - set object name
    * rtems_object_id_api_minimum() - obtain minimum API value
    * rtems_object_id_api_maximum() - obtain maximum API value
    * rtems_object_id_api_minimum_class() - obtain minimum class value
    * rtems_object_id_api_maximum_class() - obtain maximum class value
    * rtems_object_get_api_name() - obtain API name
    * rtems_object_get_api_class_name() - obtain class name
    * rtems_object_get_class_information() - obtain class information
    * Renamed rtems_get_node() to rtems_object_id_get_node()
    * Renamed rtems_get_api() to rtems_object_id_get_api()
    * Renamed rtems_get_class() to rtems_object_id_get_class()
    * Renamed rtems_get_index() to rtems_object_id_get_index()


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