[Bug 1246] memory leak: newlib reent struct not cleaned up from libc_delete_hook

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Fri Aug 24 01:21:02 UTC 2007


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fix newlibc's reclaim_reent() [__rtems__ only] so it can be used to plug memory

This (*newlib*) patch fixes __reclaim_reent() [under __rtems__ only] so that it
only releases memory but omits close/seek and other system calls. Such calls
illegal at the point during thread deletion when __reclaim_reent() is executed.

Also, the fix is more consistent with RTEMS semantics: __reclaim_reent() now
(i.e., with the fix applied) only releases thread-specific resources but
leaves global ones in place. Consider e.g., the FILE objects representing 
stdin/stdout/stderr. These objects are 'per-thread', i.e., every task has
it's own 3 FILEs and buffers. However, the underlying system file descriptor
is global and may well be shared (e.g., console). When a thread is deleted
then its stdio buffers should be released but the underlying descriptor
must not be closed. These semantics also are more symmetric: at thread
the system descriptors (0/1/2) are already open; during lifetime of the thread
stdio FILEs/buffers may be created, at deletion the buffers are released
but the system descriptors are left open as they were before the thread
came into 'life'...

NOTE: the companion RTEMS patch is also required (earlier attachment).

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