[Bug 1208] Permissions on ftp.rtems.org are broken

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Mon Jan 8 16:11:30 UTC 2007


------- Comment #2 from ralf.corsepius at rtems.org  2007-01-08 10:11 -------
(In reply to comment #1)
> Joel and I changed
Interesting, Mr. Mayes writing as "joel"

> all directories under /pub/rtems to be group writeable.
> That seems to be necessary.  We have three questions:
> + Should all regular files be group writeable?
Somewhat oversimplified: yes.

More precisely: All files being processed by the scripts being used to setup
the repos be writable/deletable/modifiable by
the person (release manager) running theses tools (createrepo and my

I.e. if we want to share maintainership, instead of proclaiming a sole
individual release manager, all *.rpm must be group-deleteable and repodata/*
and .cache/* files must be group-writable/deleteable/modificable.

> + What owner/group should the files have?  We now have at least root.ftp,
> ftp.ftp, and ralfcorsepius.users.  
IMO, best would be to have another, dedicated group, because I would suspect 
group "ftp" to be special to vsftpd.

> + Is there some point during ftp site maintenance at which the umask should
> include group writeable?
Probably, but I am not sure what you have in mind to apply this.

> It seems like when uploads or the yum repository
> scripts are run, you want the output to be group ftp and group writeable?

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