[Bug 1228] AC_LINK_ELSEIF fails on Windows

rtems-bugs at rtems.org rtems-bugs at rtems.org
Sat Mar 17 02:49:56 UTC 2007


------- Comment #1 from chrisj at rtems.org  2007-03-16 21:49 -------
Looking into this further I have noticed $ac_exeext is not set to anything as
the compiler's default output file name is 'a.out' which seems ok.

I understand a requirement for a native linker to default to produce an output
that has the executable bit set even on an emulation layer such as MSYS
(Cygwin) but should that hold for a cross-compiler. On Linux the
cross-compilers create executable with the execute bit set how-ever they are
never able to be executed on Linux. For example the newlib test in cpukit that
is failing on Windows creates a conftest executable on linux with
i386-rtems4.8-gcc that Linux tries to run and seg faults. This is nonsense
given the tool was built with --target=i386-rtems4.8. With arm-rtems4.8-gcc it
at least checks the CPU type.

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