[Bug 1509] New: Superfluous parameter check in rtems_region_create()

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Fri Apr 30 11:01:46 UTC 2010


           Summary: Superfluous parameter check in rtems_region_create()
           Product: RTEMS
           Version: 4.10
          Platform: All
        OS/Version: RTEMS
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P3
         Component: cpukit
        AssignedTo: joel.sherrill at oarcorp.com
        ReportedBy: sebastian.huber at embedded-brains.de

The function rtems_region_create() checks that the starting address of the
managed memory area meets the CPU alignment requirements (regioncreate.c:71). 
This is superfluous and leads to a test fail of sp68 on the MIPS platform.  The
implementation function _Heap_Initialize() is responsible for these checks.  I
propose to remove this check here.  This changes the return status code.

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