[Bug 1655] Warnings from autoconf in c/src/ada-tests

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Ralf Corsepius <ralf.corsepius at rtems.org> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Ralf Corsepius <ralf.corsepius at rtems.org> 2010-08-06 22:20:41 CDT ---
(In reply to comment #0)
> This appears over and over.  I am not 100% sure which macro is responsible "="
> and which for "+="

Read the log you cited:
> ada.am:18: CLEANFILES multiply defined in condition TRUE ...
> tmtests/tmck/Makefile.am:6:   `ada.am' included from here
> ../../../testsuites/automake/compile.am:20: ... `CLEANFILES' previously defined
> here
> tmtests/tmck/Makefile.am:4:   `../../../testsuites/automake/compile.am'
> included from here
> ada.am:18: CLEANFILES multiply defined in condition TRUE ...

It tells you CLEANFILES is previously defined in

This is a side-effect of the tar*-testsuites issues, which introduced a need to
change testsuites/automake/compile.am.

Untested patch (I do not support Ada) checked-in to CVS-HEAD.

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