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Thu Aug 19 09:51:11 UTC 2010


--- Comment #8 from Sebastien Bourdeauducq <sebastien at milkymist.org> 2010-08-19 04:51:10 CDT ---
+ The AC97 isn't complete and thus not ready for merging yet (afaik). Please
name the audio device /dev/dsp (as OSS does) instead of /dev/snd.

+ ac97.c, gpio.c, system_conf.h, README (and maybe others) should have $Id:$
(not just $Id$)

+ ckinit.c, console.c, uart.c, clock.h, uart.h, mm_crc32.c, network.c,
network.h (and maybe others) file headers still say "for Lattice Mico32",
please change that to avoid confusion with the LM32 EVR drivers.

+ timer.c: "It is important that the timer start/stop overhead be determined
when porting or modifying this code." -> did you do that?

+ The framebuffer API extension for multiple buffering should be documented.

+ in milkymist.cfg, this is a bit inconsistent:
# optimize flag: typically -O2
# ATM, doesn't work with optimization levels > 0

+ in linkcmds: upgrade RAM size to 128M, the bug that prevented access to the
upper 64M has been fixed in the SoC.

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