[Bug 1593] RTEMS Sequenced Initialization API

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Sun Jul 18 16:18:48 UTC 2010


--- Comment #7 from zhangwenjie <157724595 at 163.com> 2010-07-18 11:18:47 CDT ---
Nowdays i have make a patch for update the rtems initialization managers code
the sysinit api, and make a size compare based on minimum testcase between
orignal rtems code and sysinit api code(the platform is on sis). minimum.exe
size is 963240 Bytes compiled with orignal rtems code and its size is 917829
Bytes compiled sysinit api code. The positive side is downsize of 45411 Bytes.
I just updat the Classic Rtems initialization managers code, if this is ok i
think the next step is update POSIX api with sysinit api. Attachment is patch
for this.

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