[Bug 1593] RTEMS Sequenced Initialization API

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Mon Jul 26 22:48:32 UTC 2010


--- Comment #19 from Joel Sherrill <joel.sherrill at oarcorp.com> 2010-07-26 17:48:29 CDT ---
This comment has the word "create" spelled as "creat".  More important than
that is that it duplicates a description of the mechanics of what is happening.
How about something simple like 

"This macros defines the Sysinit entry of the Rate Monotonic Manager."

Also be careful to use English not code names. If that makes sense.

*  This macro define Sysinit entry of Rate_monotonic Manager, it creat a struct
which is 
+ *  placed in section ".score.sysinit.*". The struct contains a field handler
which will be 
+ *  called by Sysinit API in special order determined by the group parameter.
+ *
+ *  Input parameters:   
+ *    handler  -  _Rate_monotonic_Manager_Sysinit
+ *    group  -  SYSINIT_GROUP_RATEMON
+ */

+ Please double check that there are no tabs.

+ Please double check nothing goes past column 79.

+ tarball with test case includes CVS directory and should not.

+ It also includes the sparc linkcmds changes which are in the last patch.


When this is committed, will EVERY linkcmds have to be modified or that BSP

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