[Bug 1620] Issues with rtems_libio_share_private_env at cpukit/libcsupport/src/privateenv.c

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Thu Jul 29 21:21:32 UTC 2010


--- Comment #6 from Bharath Suri <bharath.s.jois at gmail.com> 2010-07-29 16:21:31 CDT ---
(In reply to comment #0)
> I sense the following problems with the routine rtems_libio_share_private_env:
> - The routine is wrapped around with #ifndef HAVE_USERENV_REFCNT ... #endif. Is
> this intended? Also, there is a #ifdef HAVE_USERENV_REFCNT... #endif inside
> this routine.
I have just removed the outer #ifndef, since I could not realize its real
purpose. Though I retained the inner #ifdef since I could sense the use of
having a reference count.

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