[Bug 1574] Null Dereference from _Objects_Extend_information

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Tue Nov 2 10:16:53 UTC 2010


Chris Johns <chrisj at rtems.org> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
   Target Milestone|4.11                        |4.10
           Severity|normal                      |blocker

--- Comment #1 from Chris Johns <chrisj at rtems.org> 2010-11-02 05:16:52 CDT ---
I have made this PR a blocker for 4.10.

I have back ported the 'do_extend' change from 4.11 in the
objectextendinformation.c to 4.10 plus sp70 and have the same problem on 4.10
with the SIS BSP. I also merged in the proposed change in PR 1560 that fixes
alignment issues on sparc64 targets.

I have tracked the problem to 'rtems_termios_enqueue_raw_characters' then up to
the SIS console driver. Its data has changed. Setting a watch point gives:

(gdb) watch Console_Port_Data[0].termios_data
Watchpoint 5: Console_Port_Data[0].termios_data
(gdb) c

*** TEST 70 ***
Creating task 1 - OK
Creating task 2 - OK
Creating task 3 - OK
Creating task 4 - OK
Creating task 5 - OK
Creating task 6 - OK
Watchpoint 5: Console_Port_Data[0].termios_data

Old value = (void *) 0x202b870
New value = (void *) 0xa010007
rtems_task_create (name=1413559840, initial_priority=1, stack_size=4096,
initial_modes=<value optimized out>,
    attribute_set=0, id=0x20252d4)

I am not sure what the issue is here and I am also not sure if sp70 does show
the problem Coverity raised. 

I have noticed another issue. The allocation size is 1 and the shrink needs 1.5
blocks free to perform a shrink so I am not sure what a block size of 1 does

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