[Bug 1641] Red Black Tree data structure

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--- Comment #16 from Gedare <giddyup44 at yahoo.com> 2010-11-24 11:13:49 CST ---

I think the discussion and comparison of using the generic rbtree
implementation versus the AVL tree is important and would like to get some
resolution or idea of where we might go.

The advantage of adding a generic balanced search tree to the score is that in
theory it can be used in multiple locations.  The AVL tree of the bdbuf is
embedded in the structure pretty tightly, so that the code and structure cannot
be easily re-used.

In contrast, it should be easy to adapt the bdbuf to use the red-black tree
structure, although the cost-benefit should be thoroughly explored.

Chris suggested that we might support both an integer and a string.  We should
capture the set of requirements for the tree's search parameter for whichever
core services it might support.  For the EDF implementation that I will
introduce later, all that is required is support for an unsigned integer.

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