[Bug 1712] Add LWIP Support to RTEMS

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--- Comment #5 from Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber at embedded-brains.de> 2010-10-29 02:16:29 CDT ---
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> (In reply to comment #1)
> > I wanted to follow up the initial description and patch zip with some
> > information.  LWIP is a low memory TCP/IP implementation.  It is the standard
> > implementation used in smaller embedded systems and is shipped with a few
> > closed and open source RTOSes.  When you look at embedded targets as covering a
> > wide spectrum of embedded hardware, we see even 32-bit ARM and Coldfire systems
> > with 256K Flash and 64K RAM.  That is the large end of what LWIP is designed
> > for.  Above that in memory/CPU, our BSD stack is the solution.  
> * How about advanced networking features? 
> Does LWIP support masquerading, package filtering etc. -- does it support IPv6?

It does not support IP fragmentation and reassembly.  The routing capabilities
are very limited.  This is intentional and necessary to keep the code size
small.  IPv6 is experimentally available.

> * How about LWIP's sustainability? Does it have an active upstream?

It is available for more than 10 years and still active if you look at the
mailing lists.

> > LWIP is also designed to operate in 8 and 16 bit environments.  This is an area
> > the BSD stack was not designed to address.
> Correct, but this is not a real problem in practice.
> > In general terms, below a certain point in memory/CPU, the BSD stack is not
> > technically appropriate.  LWIP is the standard solution for those environments.
> Nothing that I am aware about qualifies LWIP to be close to "a standard
> solution". To me, it's yet another more or less complete IP stack, not more and
> not less.
> Also, from a project maintainer's view, adding a second IP stack is a
> maintenance nightmare - Something I am not by any means keen on to support.

Targets with 256k ROM and 64k RAM will not work with the BSD stack.  It is also
easier to implement real time processing with lwIP due to its low stack

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