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--- Comment #13 from Joel Sherrill <joel.sherrill at oarcorp.com> 2011-12-05 11:15:37 CST ---
+* Constant Bandwidth Server scheduler API::

Caps on Scheduler...

+ Copyright should be 2011

+ Is RTEMS_SCHEDULER_CBS the confdefs.h constant or something else?  confdefs.h
follows a different naming pattern to select the scheduler.

+ @subsection Handling periodic tasks

Caps.. check all chapter, section, and subsection headings.

+Each task's execution begins with o default background priority

"with o default" looks like a typo.

+(read about EDF). Once you decide the tasks should start periodic

What do you mean by "read about EDF"? Is this in the RTEMS manual, external
references, etc?  If external, then they should be cited.

+ "Either you use only Rate"

add the.. "use only the"

+ +In case tasks attached to servers do not beware of their execution time

"servers are not aware of their"

+ pulls the priority of the task to background

lowers the priority of the task.  Is there a concept of background priority? 
if not drop "to background"

+ +overrun. There is obviously no space for huge operations because the
+priority is down and not real time any more, however, you still can at
+least in release resources for other tasks, restart the task or log an
+error information. 

Is this extension invoked (like I think) from an ISR?  That should be
mentioned.  It is also inside an RTEMS OS critical section which makes it
critical to be fast.  

+ at item If you have a task attached to a server, if you suspend it

"to a server and you suspend " .. maybe suspend should be voluntarily block or
suspend.. then you don't have to mention sleep.

+deadline any more. This is because you are virtually raising

virtually -> effectively

+The directive @code{rtems_cbs_create_server} enables to create a new

enables to "is used"

Fix these and upload a new patch.  I will restart reading at Operations.  But
this time I will just edit the file for simple changes and ask for a patch to
address ones I don't feel comfortable fixing after I commit.

Is your work in the 4.11 Release notes yet?

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