[Bug 1973] Convert from texi2www to texi2html

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--- Comment #4 from Joel Sherrill <joel.sherrill at oarcorp.com> 2011-12-05 11:51:46 CST ---
I have been trading email with the texinfo folks.  texi2html will be deprecated
but will be in the next release.  texi2any will be the replacement but is not
in any current texinfo release.  And even after it is released, it will take
time for it to show up in distributions.  Plus there will older distributions
without it for years.

We probably will need to support building with texi2any or texi2html at some
point.  I have init scripts for both which handle the rtems_header.html and
rtems_footer.html.  I have no way to test texi2any at this point but the
texinfo folks provided the init script so I want to commit it in anticipation.

I have the entire documentation tree building with texi2html and am happy with
the output I have reviewed.  I have some clean up to do.

When it works, I will post a new patch which will delete what I consider to be
a fairly significant number of files.  I expect I will miss some.

I hope to close this issue before the holidays.

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