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> > > SMP Patch with suggested modifications
> > 
> > How many #if defined(__i386__) and similar to we have currently in the cpukit
> > outside score/cpu before and after this patch?  We should leave all CPU
> > dependent things inside score/cpu.
> ACK. E.g. cpukit/score/src/smplock.c doesn't seem sound to me. I am inclined to
> reject at least this file.

I should have caught that. I meant to split that file and have a small file
inside each port or an inline method which mostly wrapped an inline asm.

Suggestions on the name are welcomed.

> > I still think that the explicit BSP dependencies are not good inside the
> > cpukit.
> That's not strong enough: BSP deps inside of cpukit are strictly prohibited and
> will immediately be reverted.

It isn't dependent on the BSP.  These are CPU dependent bus lock compare and
swap or exchange type instructions.

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