[Bug 1748] LEON nanoseconds skipping back when called during timer tick

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Wed Mar 2 09:15:04 UTC 2011


--- Comment #1 from Rolf Schroedter <rolf.schroedter at dlr.de> 2011-03-02 03:15:04 CST ---
Currently a patch for the LEON3 BSP is being tested.
It uses the LEON3 timer InterruptPending(IP) hardware flag
which can be polled and manually reset.

Therefore two changes are necessary:

1. Install a LEON3 timer interrupt handler resetting the IP flag on
every timer tick.
2. Change the LEON3 nanoseconds-handler to check the IP flag:
    read nanoseconds from timer register
    if ( timer_interrupt_pending )
         nanoseconds += timer_tick

Daniel Hellstrom (Gaisler Research) remarked that the GP>TIMER
InterruptPending(IP) reset procedure has changed in newer LEON3 versions: 
- Older LEON3 versions (I'm using) need to write a '0' while newer version need
a '1' to reset the GPTIMER IP bit.

I am in contact with Daniel regarding this patch, either he or I will supply a
patch soon.


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