[Bug 1967] Concern over OBJECTS_NAME_ALIGNMENT

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Mon Nov 28 15:23:30 UTC 2011


--- Comment #6 from Joel Sherrill <joel.sherrill at oarcorp.com> 2011-11-28 09:23:29 CST ---
OBJECTS_NAME_ALIGNMENT is only used in one place:
score/src/objectinitializeinformation.c. The name implies a structural
alignment but it isn't.  It is an adjustment factor so the maximum string
length is a multiple of this.  It is only used to have a limit for strnXXX()
operations on objects with string names.

My first thought  is that the entire section of code in
objectinitializeinformation.c can likely go away.  Then this macro won't be
needed and the code will be simple

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