[Bug 2020] Provide support for the PPC 440

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--- Comment #7 from Ric Claus <claus at SLAC.Stanford.edu> 2012-02-21 15:38:54 CST ---
Sorry to have caused so much upset.

The virtex BSP assumes certain firmware is loaded in the FPGA (e.g., console
and network support, at least).  I presume that was done on purpose and that it
is in active use, so I most certainly didn't intend to break it, nor to suggest
that it should be deprecated.

My intent with the virtex4 BSP is to defer as much as possible any dependency
on the FPGA's firmware or external hardware to the application code, since this
fits with the usage of this chip in our project.  I therefore "derived" this
BSP from various others, including virtex, and combined with example code from
Xilinx amd the Xilinx and IBM user guides, got to this result.  The code was
written by me, but probably shares some macro names and register usage with the
things I looked at to produce it.  If this constitutes copyright infringement,
then it's fine by me that the appropriate references are added if I didn't do a
good enough job of that already.

The comment with "RiC" in it was inadvertently left in.  It was meant to be a
"note to self" and I'm not sure whether there is a real issue there or not.

I don't understand the comments about "git format-patch".  That's what I used,
as I thought would have been evident from the file names.  Did I use it

I didn't know about the macro rules.  I'd suggest reverting there usage to the
way things were to get clock.c and virtex to compile.  Then reenable my changes
by introducing whatever the proper macros are.  I don't know how 403s and e500s
compare to 405s and 440s, so I was reluctant to use existing macros for fear of
breaking things that depend on them.  Seems I did anyway.  Sorry to cause more

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