[Bug 2146] The mount() signature presented doesn't match what's in the fstests nor what's in libio.h

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Thu Oct 10 22:57:33 UTC 2013


--- Comment #2 from Ric Claus <claus at SLAC.Stanford.edu> 2013-10-10 17:57:33 CDT ---
Right, the filesystem type is a string, not an enumerated type.  If you're
referring to this as the doxygen:


then I agree that the doxygen is a bit unclear, but the bulletted list items
must represent macros that reference the strings and not an enumeration. 
However, if you're asking whether it's appropriate that the filesystem type be
passed as a string to the routine rather than as an enumeration, then I'm not
so sure that a string is the better idea.  It'd be unfortunate for someone to
come up with a really descriptive long name as a filesystemtype value, for

Otherwise the only other nit I can find with the doxygen description of mount()
is that it's not clear what might be valid to pass in the data argument.  It
might be nice to link to an example of where these things are defined in one of
the filesystems so that the user at least gets an idea of where to look for
this information in other filesystems.

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