[Bug 2146] The mount() signature presented doesn't match what's in the fstests nor what's in libio.h

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Mon Oct 14 15:12:29 UTC 2013


--- Comment #6 from Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber at embedded-brains.de> 2013-10-14 10:12:29 CDT ---
(In reply to comment #5)
> First, I said it was a "nit", which means a "really minor thing".  
> Second, you guys are in the know, so you know what a "file system
> initialization handler" is, where it comes from and where it lives.  For those
> not in the know, it's not clear what that is, where to look for it, or whether
> the user needs to supply it.  So all I'm suggesting is to add a line that says
> something like "see the file system support documentation of interest for
> details" or "cf
> http://www.rtems.org/onlinedocs/doxygen/cpukit/html/group__DOSFS.html" or
> something like that.
> In the end, I'm still not sure whether I addressed Joel's question.

Thanks Ric, I really appreciate that you highlight this.  I will link the file
system specific modules directly in the mount() documentation.

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