[RTEMS Project] #2210: PowerPC: dl01 and dl02 tests don't link

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Mon Dec 8 15:05:22 UTC 2014

#2210: PowerPC: dl01 and dl02 tests don't link
 Reporter:  sebastian.huber  |       Owner:  chrisj
     Type:  defect           |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal           |   Milestone:  4.11
Component:  cpukit           |     Version:  4.11
 Severity:  blocker          |  Resolution:
 Keywords:                   |

Comment (by joel.sherrill):

 FWIW I didn't check the logs for all but a large number of PowerPC BSPs
 fail to linkthis test.

 brs5l brs6l br_uid dp2 gwlcfm hsc_cm01 icecube mbx821_001
 mbx821_002b mbx821_002 mbx860_001b mbx860_002 mbx860_005b
 mbx860_1b mpc5566evb mpc5566evb_spe mpc5643l_dpu mpc5643l_evb
 mpc5668g mpc5674f_ecu508_app mpc5674f_ecu508_boot mpc5674fevb
 mpc5674fevb_spe mpc5674f_rsm6 mpc8260ads mpc8309som mpc8313erdb
 mpc8349eamds pghplus phycore_mpc5554 pm520_cr825 pm520_ze30 psim
 qoriq_core_0 qoriq_core_1 qoriq_p1020rdb t32mppc tqm8xx_stk8xx

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