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Mon Mar 2 17:52:49 UTC 2015

#2278: GCC FORTRAN Test Output Failures
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 Priority:  normal         |  Milestone:  5.0
Component:  GCC            |    Version:  4.11
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 This has been a background issue for a couple of years and I have even
 spoken with Tobias Burnus at the GSoC Mentor Summit about it. RTEMS has
 great test results for FORTRAN *except* for a set of about 200 output
 format tests which fail. They fail because the output has CR/LF's in a
 pattern which does not match the test framework. This issue was recently
 revisited in this thread


 I tried suggestions and can get the test output to pass manual regex tests
 as suggested but cannot find a way to modify the DejaGNU test file in the
 GCC test suite that would make this pass.

 I don't think this is a hard issue but it just hasn't gotten any eyes on
 it except mine.

 I build and run the FORTRAN tests using the scripts in rtems-testing/gcc.

 I am happy to help someone come up to speed on this. It just needs more

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