[RTEMS Project] #2750: Compile Error When Multiprocessing Enabled

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Thu Jun 30 14:00:49 UTC 2016

#2750: Compile Error When Multiprocessing Enabled
 Reporter:  joel.sherrill  |      Owner:  sebastian.huber
     Type:  defect         |     Status:  new
 Priority:  normal         |  Milestone:  4.12
Component:  General        |    Version:  4.12
 Severity:  normal         |   Keywords:
 This should impact every BSP with multiprocessing enabled but I saw it on
 the sparc/leon3 and powerpc/psim

 error: static assertion failed: "Message_queue_MP_Packet"
      _Static_assert(cond, # msg)
 ../../../../../../rtems/c/src/../../cpukit/rtems/src/msgmp.c:28:1: note:
 in expansion of macro 'RTEMS_STATIC_ASSERT'

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