[RTEMS Project] #2634: New warning in pc386 VESA driver

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Wed Mar 9 21:03:07 UTC 2016

#2634: New warning in pc386 VESA driver
 Reporter:  joel.sherrill  |       Owner:
     Type:  defect         |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal         |   Milestone:  4.12
Component:  bsps           |     Version:  4.12
 Severity:  normal         |  Resolution:
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Comment (by joel.sherrill):

 Thanks. I don't know if I can test this or not.

 The RSB build of qemu doesn't turn on the graphics module so I don't know
 if it hits this code or not. And from what my five minute at trying to
 turn it on made me think you needed Xen development files to use it and
 they were only available for 64-bit CentOS 6. If that's the case, the code
 isn't portable at all off of Linux so we should disable video,

 The real PC I have been using to test on prints a message (from memory)
 that indicates it didn't initialize it or find it. Not sure which.

 What setup is required to test this?

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