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#2666: RSB docs yum on way out .. use dnf
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Comment (by joel.sherrill):

 Looks like for installation purposes "dnf install" works just like "yum
 install". Based on the article I linked above, there are differences but
 the most common use case appears to be the same.

 So this should be nothing more than adding a sentence like the following
 to the Fedora specific section:

 NOTE: In Fedora 22 and above, the yum command has been deprecated in favor
 of the dnf command. Use "dnf install ..." rather than "yum install ..."

 And at some point in the future, we will have to address the CentOS/RHEL
 section and when they obsolete a yum wrapper, we will have to flip from
 yum first with a note to dnf first with a note for older Fedora systems.
 CentOS/RHEL will have to treat versions with yum as equals to versions
 with dnf due to the longevity.

 Or we could just start now, and say ... On Fedora 22 and above, do this...
 and on Fedora 21 and below do this... Later copy that pattern to
 CentOS/RHEL if version 8 uses dnf.

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