[RTEMS Project] #2415: Duplicate code in Untar_FromMemory(), Untar_FromFile() and rtems_tarfs_load()

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Tue May 17 05:55:33 UTC 2016

#2415: Duplicate code in Untar_FromMemory(), Untar_FromFile() and
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Comment (by chrisj):

 Replying to [comment:2 sebastian.huber]:
 > We should at least refactor the general TAR file iteration into an
 iterator function and use different visitor functions.

 I have changed untar.c (need to post for review) to have a ProcessHeader
 call and the in-memory and file versions now share that code to handle the
 semantics. The only differences are the writes to the files. Further work
 could be done to make the code share more if there is a need. The
 important part is shared.

 > Another option for this direct mapping of some read-only content into an
 IMFS linear file would be mmap().

  [ implementation here https://git.rtems.org/chrisj/rtl.git/tree/mmap.c ]

 I think this is the other way around. The current tar functionality takes
 some memory and makes files in the IMFS while mmap takes a file and makes
 it appear as memory.

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