[RTEMS Project] #3113: POSIX: Make pthread_cond_t self-contained

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Thu Aug 24 09:38:11 UTC 2017

#3113: POSIX: Make pthread_cond_t self-contained
 Reporter:  Sebastian Huber  |      Owner:  Sebastian Huber
     Type:  enhancement      |     Status:  assigned
 Priority:  normal           |  Milestone:  Indefinite
Component:  cpukit           |    Version:
 Severity:  normal           |   Keywords:
 Change the POSIX condition variable into a self-contained object using
 <sys/lock.h>, e.g.
 typedef struct {
   struct _Condition_Control  _condition;
   pthread_mutex_t           *_mutex;
   clockid_t                  _clock;
 } pthread_cond_t;

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