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#2870: Select and port NTP client (ntpd)
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Comment (by joel.sherrill):

 Bad timing on opening this discussion since Chris is on holiday for a few
 weeks. :(

 There is an RSB package for Classic NTP which is not on your list. It has
 worked in the past but AFAIK the RSB built version has not been tested. Is
 this the "reference implementation" that is your #1?

 I would prefer not to use NTPsec. They did some things right but moved
 away from threads to libevent. I also don't think they understand or
 intend to support embedded targets.

 Who uses OpenNTPD? The accuracy sounds bad.

 chrony is out due to gplv2.

 I don't know anything about SNTP.

 We could change our initialization to systemd and use that. :) LOL

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