[RTEMS Project] #3063: Make the EDF scheduler the default SMP scheduler

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Thu Jul 6 13:50:55 UTC 2017

#3063: Make the EDF scheduler the default SMP scheduler
 Reporter:  Sebastian Huber  |      Owner:  Sebastian Huber
     Type:  enhancement      |     Status:  assigned
 Priority:  normal           |  Milestone:  4.12.0
Component:  SMP              |    Version:  4.11
 Severity:  normal           |   Keywords:
 The EDF SMP scheduler supports simple thread processor affinities (see
 #3059) with a small run-time overhead.  The current default SMP scheduler
 lacks support for thread processor affinities at all.  The EDF SMP
 scheduler offers a good feature set for most applications.  So, use it by
 default. Run-time libraries like libgomp, MTAPI, work stealing schedulers,
 language interpreters (e.g. Erlang virtual machine), etc. use a one-to-one
 thread processor affinity for example.

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