[RTEMS Project] #3220: Change RTEMS release number scheme from 4.12 to 5

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Thu Nov 9 06:11:33 UTC 2017

#3220: Change RTEMS release number scheme from 4.12 to 5
 Reporter:  Sebastian Huber  |      Owner:  (none)
     Type:  project          |     Status:  new
 Priority:  normal           |  Milestone:  4.12.0
Component:  unspecified      |    Version:  4.12
 Severity:  normal           |   Keywords:
 As discussed here


 it was agreed to use version 5.1 with the new number scheme for the next
 RTEMS release.

 Most important items of this release:

 * SMP support
 * 64-bit time_t (year 2038 problem)
 * the network stack header consolidation and the move to Newlib
 * self-contained POSIX synchronization objects (impacting the
 * improved Ada support (however, not all Ada tests pass currently)

 The following steps are necessary to carry out the number change:

 1. Change version of RTEMS tools
 2. Change version of RSB
 3. Change version of RTEMS
 4. Documentation repo. Easy.
 5. Documentation website repo. Easy.
 6. Release procedure repo. Easy.
 7. Trac tickets. Not sure.
 8. Trac wiki. Medium(?). A wiki search of 4.12 gives 21 hits.
 9. rtems.org website. That needs Joel.

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