[RTEMS Project] #3144: shm does not use create plugin

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Tue Sep 19 14:22:14 UTC 2017

#3144: shm does not use create plugin
 Reporter:  Joel Sherrill  |      Owner:  joel.sherrill@…
     Type:  defect         |     Status:  new
 Priority:  normal         |  Milestone:  Indefinite
Component:  cpukit         |    Version:  4.12
 Severity:  normal         |   Keywords:
 I have written a plugin for the SHM for a paravirtualized environment. As
 best I can tell, the create plugin is never invoked. In this
 paravirtualized environment, there can be statically defined SHM objects
 and dynamically created SHM objects in the host environment.

 The create plugin for my paravirtualized case needs the opportunity to
 "create" an RTEMS SHM object. Right now, all create, attach, etc has to be
 done in the mmap/alloc extension.

 This may require some chat with Gedare to get a better problem statement.

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