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#2860: docs.rtems.org does not work on iPhones or iPads
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Comment (by Sal):

 I downloaded the https://docs.rtems.org website with a website downloader
 and made a local web server to be able to test the changes I make from the
 computer in an iPad. I used an iPad 2 from 2011 with iOS 9.3.5 to test it
 so it should work on newer iPhones and iPads too.

 Basically what happens is that the code is correct (this is why it works
 in every other web browser), but relies only on the `data-target` and
 `data-toggle` attributes, which for iPad's and iPhone's Safari web browser
 don't work very well. Other iOS web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, etc. for
 iOS) are probably also affected by this bug because Apple only permits to
 use the Safari browser engine in iOS applications.
 Just by adding some CSS (`cursor: pointer;`) to the element works as
 expected. This change also shows a pointer cursor when hovering over the
 accordion you have to click when using a computer which makes it more
 intuitive instead of just an arrow.

 I think that the source code of https://docs.rtems.org is not in any
 public repository so I can't make a patch, but the code to add is really
 short and simple. Just add this code at the end of

 [data-toggle~="collapse"] {
     cursor: pointer;

 The code adds the required CSS to all elements which have the attribute
 `data-toggle="collapse"`, so it fixes every element and everything works
 as expected.

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