[RTEMS Project] #3669: rtems-docs.git does not build with Sphinx 1.8

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#3669: rtems-docs.git does not build with Sphinx 1.8
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 The docs do not build with Sphinx 1.8. Recent posts indicate some changes
 to support unicode indexes via `xindy` have caused this and the solution
 being discussed is to use the generate `Makefile` ...


 The need to use the `Makefile` is debatable however what it contains is
 important as it defines what needs to happen.

 This recent issue can be seen in the Tex generated file for the User
 Manual (`user.tex`). It contains:

 :term-waf}}}] \leavevmode
 Waf build system.  For more information see \sphinxurl{http://www.waf.io/}

 Our current build uses `pdflatex` directly and there is an error as
 `spxpagem` is not defined.

 If you inspect a version 1.8 generated Makefile the command `latexmk` is
 used. This wraps the PDF generation so the correct number of passes are
 performed. Using this tool should be considered.

 The `Makefile` contains:

 export XINDYOPTS = -L english -C utf8  -M sphinx.xdy

 The `sphinx.xdy` contains the needed `spxpagem`. I can only conclude
 sphinx needs to be built with `xindy` because the reference is always

 The problem for building FreeBSD is `xindy` is not an available command.

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