[RTEMS Project] #3476: IMFS - Improve Bytes Per Block Handling

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Tue Jul 24 16:39:46 UTC 2018

#3476: IMFS - Improve Bytes Per Block Handling
  Reporter:  Joel Sherrill  |      Owner:  (none)
      Type:  enhancement    |     Status:  new
  Priority:  normal         |  Milestone:  Indefinite
 Component:  fs             |    Version:  5
  Severity:  normal         |   Keywords:  SoC
Blocked By:                 |   Blocking:
 This ticket involves improvements to the IMFS bytes per block behavior.
 These changes will also need to be reflected in user facing documentation.

 * Currently, the behavior when presented when an invalid configuration
 value for bytes per block is to silently use the default. It is likely
 preferable to have a fatal error.

 * Allow for larger block sizes. When implemented, a block size of 512
 which resulted in a maximum file size of 1GB was near unimaginable for an
 embedded system. Allowing for a maximum of at least 1K and possibly 2K
 seems reasonable now. Note that adding new block size options requires
 calculating the corresponding maximum file sizes and updating imfs.h and
 user facing documentation.

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