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#3314: RTEMS Releases Note Generator
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 = RTEMS Release Note Generator =

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 == Mentors ==

 Chris Johns

 == Students ==

 Past, Present, and Potential Students

 == Status ==

 This is a new project

 == Introduction ==

 The RTEMS release process generate the release notes from Trac. All
 changes on a release branch must have a ticket and the ticket is assigned
 the Version and Milestone. During the release process a Trac TicketQuery
 is run on release milestone and the resulting web pages are converted to a
 PDF as the release notes.

 The RTEMS 4.11.3 release notes are:


 and all the tickets and so all the changes have been captured however the
 release notes have some issues.

 1. The tickets only have the descriptions and no comments. This means any
 discussion on the resolution of the ticket is missing.

 2. The date is relative so '''4 days ago''' is relative to the date of the

 3. There are some formatting issue. See page 3/8 of the 4.11.3 notes on
 the link above.

 Comments cannot be easily added. Trac's TicketQuery does not support
 adding the Comments. There has been many requests for this over the years
 and it has not been added.

 The date is a local setting which means logging in to get a setting and
 the release process is anonymous and gets the default.

 The formatting could be the current release process's CSS file used to
 generate the PDF.

 == Goal ==

 * Automatically create the release notes for a release from the Trac data.

 * Include all of the ticket's data in the release notes.

 * Use the full date.

 * Provide better formatting of the ticket such as each ticket starting on
 a new page.

 * Be able to provide HTML and PDF version of the output.

 == Prerequisite ==

 * Knowledge of Python
 * Knowledge of HTML and CSS
 * Knowledge of XML
 * Optional knowledge of ReST (Sphinx)

 == Tasks ==

 1. Develop a Python class to read an RSS page from Trac. An RSS page is
 basically HTML in XML.

 2. Develop a Python class to get a list of tickets for a milestone from
 Trac using the RSS format.

 3. Develop a Python class to get all the ticket data for a milestone.

 4. Investigate output formats. See if the data can be used in a ReST
 (Restructured Text) document so Sphnix can be used to create HTML and PDF

 5. Generate the output format. Add the RTEMS icon, a coverpage, copyright
 and another data we need in the release notes.

 6. Convert the output to HTML and PDF.

 7. Package the tool in the `rtems-tools` repo.

 8. Update the RTEMS release process to create the new format release

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