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#3326: Eclipse Target Communication Framework Support
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 = RTEMS Eclipse Target Communication Framework Support =

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 == Mentors ==
 Chris Johns
 Joel Sherrill

 == Status ==

 Looking for funding.

 = Introduction =

 This project involves providing RTEMS support for the Eclipse Target
 Communication Framework. This definitely involves target side support and
 may require host side modifications. This appears to be independent of the
 Common Trace Format support needed for timeline visualization.

 At this point, there is not a detailed design. This project is currently a
 desired capability.

 The resulting software must be fed to the appropriate upstream projects.

 = Project =

 The project is to enable the full capabilities of the Eclipse TCF for
 RTEMS. From their website:

 "On top of the protocol, TCF provides a complete modern debugger for C/C++
 and Ada, as well as the "Target Explorer" for system management. TCF works
 out of the box for Intel, PPC and ARM Linux targets including the
 Raspberry Pi. It supports Proxying and Tunneling for IoT devices, and is
 particularly strong for multi-process debugging even with slow
 communication links."

 The expectation is that the target agent will be largely architecture
 independent but will have parts that need to be aware of the architecture
 particularly when dealing with registers.

 The target should be able to make use of libdebugger. This project may
 result in augmenting that library to support remote gdb and TCF. This
 would be technically desirable as it would share core capabilities.

 == Goal ==

 * Full integration with Eclipse.

 == Prerequisite ==

 * Knowledge of C programming language.
 * Knowledge of host software and building packages such as simulators.
 * Knowledge of debugging and debuggers.
 * Knowledge of the RTEMS.
 * Requires Unix (Linux or FreeBSD) host.
 * Requires modern PC hardware. Building all tests and running takes.
 * If host side modifications are required, Java experience is likely
 * Optionally a Zedboard or MicroZed with a JTAG debugging pod.
 * Optionally a WIndows 7 or Windows 10 machine.

 == Resources ==

 * Current RTEMS developers.
 * Eclipse TCF Community

 = Tasks =

 The following are the tasks:

 * TBD

 == Regression Analysis ==

 Automated testing of this capability is desired and must be identified.

 = Acknowledgements =


 = Miscellaneous Sections =

 As the project progresses, you will need to add to the Eclipse section of
 the RTEMS User manual. This section does not currently exist but it should
 be present even in a skeleton form.

 = References =

 * https://www.eclipse.org/tcf/
 * http://git.eclipse.org/c/tcf/org.eclipse.tcf.agent.git

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