[RTEMS Project] #3322: powerPC bsp not booting with memory larger than 256Mb

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Wed Mar 21 05:59:24 UTC 2018

#3322: powerPC bsp not booting with memory larger than 256Mb
 Reporter:  Eric Tremblay  |       Owner:  (none)
     Type:  defect         |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal         |   Milestone:
Component:  arch/powerpc   |     Version:
 Severity:  normal         |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  powerpc boot   |  Blocked By:
 Blocking:                 |

Comment (by Sebastian Huber):

 Ticker runs with beatnik BSP on MVME6100:
 MVME6100> tftpGet -c141.14.128.53 -s141.14.133.59 -m255.255.240.0
 -a04000000 -fticker.ralf
 Network Loading from: /dev/enet0
 Loading File: ticker.ralf
 Load Address: 04000000
 Download Buffer Size = User Defined

 Client IP Address      =
 Server IP Address      =
 Gateway IP Address     =
 Subnet IP Address Mask =

 Network File Load in Progress...

 Bytes Received =&215224, Bytes Loaded =&215224
 Bytes/Second   =&215224, Elapsed Time =1 Second(s)
 MVME6100> go -a04000000
 config addr is 0xf1000cf8
 config data is 0xf1000cfc
 Welcome to RTEMS rtems-5.0.0 (PowerPC/Generic (classic FPU)/beatnik)
 CPU: MPC7457
 Board Type: MVME6100-0163 (S/N E173D29)
 Bus Clock Freq:   133333333 Hz
 CPU Clock Freq:  1266666654 Hz
 Memory:           536870912 bytes
 Now BSP_mem_size = 0x1fe00000
 Configuration.work_space_size = 16110
 Page table setup finished; will activate it NOW...
 Going to start PCI buses scanning and initialization
 Number of PCI buses found is : 3
 MSR 0x2003032
 Exit from bspstart
 unable to find the universe in pci config space
 Tundra Tsi148 PCI-VME bridge detected at 0x81100000, IRQ 84
 Tsi148 Outbound Ports:
 Port  VME-Addr   Size       PCI-Adrs   Mode:
 0:    0x20000000 0x0e000000 0x90000000 A32, SUP, D32, SCT
 1:    0x00000000 0x00ff0000 0x9f000000 A24, SUP, D32, SCT
 2:    0x00000000 0x00010000 0x9fff0000 A16, SUP, D32, SCT
 7:    0x00000000 0x01000000 0x9e000000 CSR, SUP, D32, SCT
 Tsi148 Inbound Ports:
 Port  VME-Addr   Size       PCI-Adrs   Mode:
 0:    0x90000000 0x1fe00000 0x00000000 A32, PGM, DAT, SUP, USR, MBLT, BLT
 vmeTsi148 IRQ manager: looking for registers on VME...
 Trying to find CSR on VME...
 vmeTsi148 - IRQ manager using VME CSR to flush FIFO

 *** TEST TOOLS: 7.3.0 20180125 (RTEMS 5, RSB
 4b3e0f8e3d6998b84a2503dd2e11578989b1672b, Newlib 3.0.0)
 TA1  - rtems_clock_get_tod - 09:00:00   12/31/1988
 TA2  - rtems_clock_get_tod - 09:00:00   12/31/1988
 TA3  - rtems_clock_get_tod - 09:00:00   12/31/1988
 TA1  - rtems_clock_get_tod - 09:00:05   12/31/1988

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