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#3730: Adding PRU Support
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 The Programmable Real-Time Unit (PRU) from Texas instruments is a
 dedicated i/o processeor on TIs Sitara Chips (e.g. Am35xx on the
 Beaglebone). Its main feature is that most of its i/o is accessible within
 one cycle of the PRU.

 The driver needs to provide the following features:
 1. Load Binaries on the PRU cores.
 2. Control PRU Execution (start, stop, etc.).
 3. Manage Resources (memory, interrupt mapping, etc.).
 4. Provide a Method to send/receive messages for interacting with the PRU.

 Linux loads Binaries to the PRU with remoteproc or UIO (userspace).

 Communication can be provided via Interrupts (see

 For detailed Information see: https://elinux.org/Ti_AM33XX_PRUSSv2
 BeagleBoard Community PRU driver and Documentation:

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