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#3730: Adding PRU Support
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Comment (by Nils Hölscher):

 Replying to [comment:2 Joel Sherrill]:
 > Some odd basic questions.
 > * Is this the official source?
 These are Files Provided by TI and altered by the BeagleBoard community.
 > * Is the PRU still included in newer CPUs? What about the Octavo like in
 the PocketBeagle? I don't want to see you spend time on something that is
 at the end of its lifecycle.
 Yes. The PRU is included in the whole Sitara line by TI. The Octava is
 just a System in Package using the same AM33xx as the Beagle-Bone Black.
 For a full view of the Sitara line see: https://www.ti.com/processors
 > * Is all software that will be included on the RTEMS target system and
 PRU appropriately licensed (e.g. not proprietary or GPL)?
 The TI compiler is proprietary.
 TI uses this license head on their open source files:
 I think it should be fine but please double check.
 > * Will the RTEMS side of the PRU client library have RSB recipes? Answer
 should be yes. :)
 I haven't red into the RSB yet, could you provide me a link to a good
 starting point in the Documentation. Then I will try to add this to my
 GSoC Proposal.

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