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#3790: Terminal should block in default config case
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Comment (by Andreas Werner):

 Yes the default terminal settings are not defined but is defined the
 terminal must be initialized. If your Implementation set a default
 settings this settings should work.
 At section 11.1.1 of POSIX Spec[1] is defined:
   Opening a modem or similar piece of equipment connected by a serial
 line. In this case, the terminal parameters (see Section 11.2, on page
 205) may be initialized to default settings by the implementation in
 between the last close of the device by any process and the next open of
 the device, or they may persist from one use to the next. The terminal
 parameters can be set to values that ensure the terminal behaves in a
 conforming manner by means of the O_TTY_INIT open flag when opening a
 terminal device that is not already open in any process, or by executing
 the stty utility with the operand sane.
 In the Linux kernel every read check the settings and configure the
 The default settings in Linux kernel are defined here[3] and differiert to
 your settings.
 There was no error message the read call return with 0. For a normal file
 this mean End-of-file. A return value of 0 is not specified by POSIX for
 spezial files.

 [1] IEEE Std. 1003.1 Standard for Information Technology—
 Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) - 2016 Edition

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