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#3718: Add support for test plans
  Reporter:  Sebastian Huber  |      Owner:  Sebastian Huber
      Type:  task             |     Status:  assigned
  Priority:  normal           |  Milestone:  6.1
 Component:  test             |    Version:  6
  Severity:  normal           |   Keywords:  qualification
Blocked By:                   |   Blocking:  3716
 Test plans are required by [https://ecss.nl/standard/ecss-e-st-40c-
 software-general-requirements/ ECSS-Q-ST-40C]:

 *, Software unit testing, a.

 *, Software integration test plan development

 *, Development and documentation of a software validation
 specification with respect to the technical specification, a.

 The test plans are a content of several documentation sets. Test plans are
 subject to verification activities:

 *, Verification of software unit testing (plan and results)

 *, Verification of software integration

 *, Verification of software validation with respect to the
 technical specifications and the requirements baseline

 It should be possible to create documents from individual test plan
 fragments for a particular test case.  There are two approaches possible:

 1. Add the test plan directly to the test code in form of a specially
 formatted comment.

 2. Use separate files with a specific format for test plans.

 The test plans should include a

 * test identifier,

 * test classification (unit, integration, validation),

 * test steps,

 * links to requirements, design, architecture, unit, component, etc.

 It should be possible to verify that a test is executed according to the
 plan from the test output. For example the test plan could specify test
 steps. The test output could print the test steps. A tool could check that
 the test steps in the output and the plan are consistent.

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