[RTEMS Project] #3744: A new Constant Bandwidth Server (CBS) version with reduced limitations.

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Sat May 11 16:56:41 UTC 2019

#3744: A new Constant Bandwidth Server (CBS) version with reduced limitations.
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 Component:  score        |    Version:  5
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 RTEMS provides a version of the CBS scheduler which does not include the
 following features:

     *  Ability to attach more than one task to a Server;
     *  Budget ( allowed computation time ) replenishment when a task
 exceeded its previous budget;
     *  The served task is assigned with the ongoing server's priority.

 This ticket presents a new CBS version where all the rules described by
 Abeni and Buttazzo are correctly implemented. This new version differs
 from the original CBS implementation on the following aspects:

 1. A server can now serve several tasks;
 1. When a served task exceeds its reserved capacity, its budget is
 replenished and the server's deadline updated and assigned as the new task
 1. The callback function is removed due to the modification performed on
 the CBS behavior when a served task exceeds its reserved computational
 1. A task is killed when detached from a server since this new version
 only allows soft real-time tasks to run under Reservation-Based Context.

 New Test Cases were developed and are directly included in the patch that
 will soon be attached.

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