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#4037: Python script distribution standardisation
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Comment (by Chris Johns):

 I have re-read PEP 394 and I am starting to think we should document and
 provide support for our users to run virtual environments. This is a
 recommendation in the PEP and I think it makes sense. As stated previously
 we need to support Python2 and Python3 for a period of time. Users
 restricted to Python2 should have a `python` command or they should have a
 `virtualenv` package for Python2. Python3 users should be on `python3.6`
 or later and that has the `venv` module which gives them a `python`

 I feel hard coding the version of python into the shebang restricts us and
 only creates further issues. Getting our users educated to use a virtual
 environment will pay off in the long term.

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