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#4037: Python script distribution standardisation
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Comment (by Chris Johns):

 Using a virtual env, selecting an OS or a specific distribution of an OS,
 using `python3 waf` or adding a symlink yourself are all user choices. No
 one is forcing anyone to select any specific option and in fact I am
 concern we limit the choices in what we do. We also need to consider users
 may have other Python tools and commands and we need to make sure users
 can still run those tools.

 The proposal I am putting forward is for user facing tools and scripts
 only and it is to shebang python only and we document a few of the
 approaches so it becomes a user choice. If you want to use CentOS with
 Python2 and `python` that is fine. If you want to install Python3 on
 CentOS that is no problem. If you use a bleeding edge Linux distro with a
 progressive set of packages and it only comes with Python3 that is also

 What I would like to avoid is us selecting a specific case and mandating
 it. This means we cannot force the shebang to `python3` and we cannot
 explicitly exploit something in a virtual env.

 Creating a specific env for us does not help other tools like `waf`.

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