[RTEMS Project] #3870: libc_reent set up is broken

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Fri Feb 14 09:12:40 UTC 2020

#3870: libc_reent set up is broken
 Reporter:  Chris Johns  |       Owner:  (none)
     Type:  defect       |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal       |   Milestone:  4.11.4
Component:  score        |     Version:  4.11
 Severity:  normal       |  Resolution:
 Keywords:               |  Blocked By:
 Blocking:  3859         |

Comment (by Chris Johns):

 Replying to [comment:14 Sebastian Huber]:
 > Replying to [comment:13 Chris Johns]:
 > > I am preparing shell and test patches for 4.11 and 5 to fix `joel`
 scripts on both branches and a work round fix for 4.11. The 4.11 fix is a
 workable hack where `_sinit` is called in `newlib_create_hook`. Your
 solution is preferred however I do not think a new newlib on a release
 branch is a viable solution.
 > Calling `__sinit()` in `newlib_create_hook()` should fix the problem
 with standard file pointer assignments in RTEMS 4.11. However, it may have
 the side-effect that now every thread delete closes the standard file
 descriptors. I think we need a test case that deletes a thread and then
 checks if the standard file pointers are still open.
 Ah ok. I will have a look at how the test can be extended. I think these
 tests are nice to have around.

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