[RTEMS Project] #4071: RSB does not pass BSP options correctly.

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Sun Sep 6 22:19:37 UTC 2020

#4071: RSB does not pass BSP options correctly.
  Reporter:  kgardas  |      Owner:  (none)
      Type:  defect   |     Status:  new
  Priority:  normal   |  Milestone:  5.2
 Component:  admin    |    Version:  5
  Severity:  normal   |   Keywords:
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 Using 5.1 RTEMS release and RSB to build the beast I've found out it's not
 able to pass BSP options correctly using --with-rtems-bspopts option:
 --prefix=$HOME/sfw/rtems/5.1-smp2-vga80x50-key-to-reset 5/bsps/pc
 --with-rtems-tests --with-rtems-smp
 --with-rtems-bspopts="BSP_VIDEO_80x50=1 BSP_PRESS_KEY_FOR_RESET=1"
 command fails with:
 Build Set: Time 0:00:28.975685
 Build Set: Time 0:03:36.556012
 installing: 5/bsps/pc ->
 clean staging: 5/bsps/pc
 Staging Size: 4.271GB
 Build Set: Time 0:24:53.756984
 error: no build set file found: BSP_PRESS_KEY_FOR_RESET=1.bset
 Build Set: Time 0:00:00.000420
 It looks like even if I use just one BSP options, it's still not passed to
 the BSP, but build is built fine at least.

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