[RTEMS Project] #2830: throwing std::runtime on PC BSP fails.

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Thu Sep 10 20:24:41 UTC 2020

#2830: throwing std::runtime on PC BSP fails.
 Reporter:  Chris Johns  |       Owner:  Needs Funding
     Type:  defect       |      Status:  assigned
 Priority:  normal       |   Milestone:  Indefinite
Component:  unspecified  |     Version:  5
 Severity:  normal       |  Resolution:
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Comment (by Michael Davidsaver):

 I'm observing a hang with RTEMS 5.1 with i386/pc686 which may be this
 issue, though it does not looks to me to be in an exception class dtor.
 This is a test case I'm running in QEMU w/ 1 virtual CPU.

 It's on exit from an catch(...){ block.  The actual hang appears to be a
 tight loop in the `__atomic_fetch_add_4` builtin.  Specifically, these
 three instructions.

 => 0x3f1780 <libat_fetch_add_4>:        mov    $0x5,%eax
    0x3f1785 <libat_fetch_add_4+5>:      mov    %eax,0xc(%esp)
    0x3f1789 <libat_fetch_add_4+9>:      jmp    0x3f1780

 The stack trace is:

 (gdb) bt
 #0  libat_fetch_add_4 (mptr=0x75d7bc, opval=4294967295, smodel=5) at
 #1  0x003b07fc in __gnu_cxx::__exchange_and_add (__val=-1, __mem=0x75d7bc)
     at /home/mdavidsaver/source/rtems/rtems-source-
 #2  __gnu_cxx::__exchange_and_add_dispatch (__val=-1, __mem=0x75d7bc)
     at /home/mdavidsaver/source/rtems/rtems-source-
 #3  __gnu_cxx::__eh_atomic_dec (__count=0x75d7bc) at
 #4  __gxx_exception_cleanup (code=_URC_FOREIGN_EXCEPTION_CAUGHT,
     at ../../../../../gcc-7.5.0/libstdc++-v3/libsupc++/eh_throw.cc:46
 #5  0x003ad9cb in _Unwind_DeleteException (exc=0x75d7fc) at
 #6  0x003af8d0 in __cxxabiv1::__cxa_end_catch () at
 #7  0x001012fd in epicsTimeTest () at ../epicsTimeTest.cpp:116

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